House Rules

There is a zero-tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use.  Should someone relapse, we will do our best to get them back into treatment, but under no circumstances will they be allowed to remain in the house placing other residents at risk.                                          

Residents must agree to 4+ drug/alcohol screenings weekly.                  

Residents will be drug screened when returning from overnights.             

House curfew: Sun-Thurs, 11 pm, Fri-Sat, 12 am Curfew is strictly enforced.                                                                                   

Residents must participate in mandatory house chores. Assigned chores must be completed daily and before leaving for the overnight pass.   

Bedrooms must be kept clean; bed must be made by daily.             

Residents must attend the mandatory weekly house meeting.                  

No smoking/chewing tobacco/vaping in-house; only in outside designated areas.                                                                             

No overnight absences for first 30 days; then one per week (Fri or Sat) with management's approval.

Resident Fees are due every Friday and before leaving the House on a weekend pass. Non-payment of resident fees is subject to disciplinary action and may result in discharge.                                                                   

Residents must be actively employed or attending school or program/volunteer at all times.                                                                           

Residents are responsible for their own food (purchasing and preparing), toiletries, clothing, laundry, etc.                             

We encourage community meal planning, cooking and sharing dinner together.  This is to assist in creating a family type atmosphere and to encourage bonding between residents.         

Cable television, WiFi, and local phone service are provided.           

Residents agree to obtain and work with a sponsor and to actively work the steps of AA/NA.                                          

Sexual contact between residents is cause for immediate discharge.